Consignment Program

At RVMAX® , we specialize in Quality Pre-Owned Used RV’s. We offer Consignment Programs that are easy to understand. Whether you are calling by phone or in person we will offer you a dollar amount up front. This dollar amount is the amount you will receive when your RV is sold.

When you consign your RV, RVMAX
® , we will Detail and do an Inspection on your Recreational Vehicle inside and out with no charge to the customer. When calling RVMAX® about our Consignment Program remember to ask about our Buyout Program as well.

If our Buyout Program or Consignment Program does not work for you it’s okay, but do understand that our goal is to assist you in a value that will work for you and your needs, if not you will receive some helpful advice.

Please give us a call today at 916-660-0197 and one of our sales staff will answer questions and/or walk through the Consignment/Buyout Program with you.